Solar Solutions

Renewable Energy Services: EPC (Engineer, Procure, Construct)

We help our residential and commercial clients secure an affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy supply to lower energy costs.

Our comprehensive EPC (Engineer, Procure, Construct) services team will ensure the technical documentation, component selection, and construction phases are well managed. You are in good hands from the initial planning through powering up your new system. In doing so, we cover key three áreas:

  • Optimum power plant design: A key project development challenge is to design a PV power plant
    that is optimally balanced in terms of cost and performance for a specific site.
  • Project implementation: Achieving project completion on time and within budget with a power
    plant that operates efficiently and reliably and generates the expected energy and revenue. Key
    aspects of project implementation include permits and licensing, power plant construction, and
    operations and maintenance (O&M).
  • Commercial and financing aspects: VES makes paying for the system easy as well! It is often
    smarter to finance large purchases. At last, there is a Fiji-based renewable energy company
    offering financing. It is no longer necessary to apply for a traditional and cumbersome loan to switch to green energy. VES is a division of a large
    public listed company, that offers consumer financing solutions to its customers. Therefore, we
    are able to provide financing and services that most traditional solar companies cannot.
  • Take a look at the benefits of partnering with VES and our financing options:
    • Term: Loan payments up to 60 months
    • Rate: Flat interest rates as low as 7.5% per annum
    • Deposit: Requires only a 30% of VIP cash price initial deposit

Corporate Energy Management Plans (CEMP)

Increase profits by lowering energy costs.

Businesses worldwide, in every industry, are being forced to reduce monthly operating costs to maximize profit margins.

The cost and reliability of energy (electricity primarily) has become a significant burden.

Finding innovative approaches to reduce energy consumption, safeguard access to energy sources, or produce energy in a more cost-effective manner are now priorities. Implementing an organization-wide energy management plan is not only good for the bottom line but will also increase competitiveness and improve the planet!

What is Energy Management?

Energy management is a proven method to positively impact technical and behavioral changes within an organization to continually improve energy performance in the most cost-effective ways.

This systematic approach requires consistent assessment of policies and processes to ensure maximum energy efficiency throughout all areas of operations.

Why Manage Energy?
  • Energy independence, supply security, and reduced dependence on imported fuels
  • Prioritization of no-cost and low-cost energy-saving opportunities in day-to-day operations
  • Increased energy awareness and staff participation
  • Informed management decision-making
  • Improved company image, increased market competitiveness, and new green marketing
  • Energy cost savings; lower operating costs
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Improved maintenance and safety practices
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Less exposure to changing energy prices

Solar Photovoltaic System Operations and Maintenance

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of photovoltaic (PV) systems with the goal of reducing the cost of O&M and increasing its effectiveness. A standardized approach to planning and delivering O&M can make costs more predictable.

With proper operation and maintenance, our systems will provide reliable and affordable energy for years. Our team will ensure you are well trained on the operation of your new system.

The VES key actions for PV O&M:

  • Carefully plan and deliver PV O&M, rather than reacting on an as-needed basis.
  • Track key performance indicators to enable continuous improvement, reduce O&M costs, and
    maximize performance.
  • Establish a strategy to address unexpected expenses and reduce downtime due to failures.
  • Take advantage of emerging technological developments such as software for data analytics,
    remote diagnostics, asset management, remote imaging, and module-level power electronics.

Solar Irrigation

Solar energy might be one of the easiest ways for farmers to produce energy.

Indeed, farmers usually have several large buildings whose roofs are directly under the sun, without being hindered by the shadows of trees, turning them into an ideal place to install a photovoltaic system.

Therefore, the use of solar energy in agriculture is becoming increasingly popular and the energy produced from this renewable source can be used either on the farm or exported to the local power grid, providing the farmer with an additional income.

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