Do You Know How to Evaluate, Size and Buy an Off-Grid Solar System?

Does Your Power System Meet Your Needs?

Households without access to utility-generated electricity face challenges urban households do not understand. You may utilize solar panels, wind turbines, hydropower, fuel generators, batteries, or a combination of several power generation technologies and still not have reliable electricity.

Off-Grid Homeowner Energy Challenges

Always confirm all system components are designed to be installed together. Mismatched configurations can result in operational failures or safety risks.


  • Lights and electronics not working when needed most.
  • Large appliances not operating correctly due to insufficient power.
  • Batteries not charging properly or not storing enough power to meet electricity needs when the system is not actively generating power.


  • Not knowing what to do to improve system performance.
  • Not knowing how to buy a system that meets the household requirements affordably.
  • Not knowing who to trust for expert advice to upgrade the existing system to reliably power newer appliances.

Avoid Costly and Dangerous Consequences

Trust Only Qualified Solar Professionals

  • Are you considering purchasing an “off-the-shelf solar kit” and installing it yourself?
  • How confident are you that your current off-grid system was expertly designed and installed with the right system configurations to optimally power your home safely?
  • Do you need to add or replace a new component to your solar power system? Are you certain it is compatible with your current system?

Never buy (or add on to) an off-grid system without expert consultation.

Download our RAIVOTU Home Solar Power Systems Guide.

World Best Off-Grid Solar System Solutions

Choosing the best off-grid solar system is not easy as off-grid systems are many times more complicated than common grid-connected solar systems. This is why we bring Victron Energy solutions to improve the lives of Fijian people.

Victron Energy has possibly the widest variety of solar products of any manufacturer, with everything from tiny solar controllers up to large 15kVA grid-interactive inverter/chargers. Plus a seemingly unlimited combination of add-ons and accessories to create everything from simple battery monitors to remote AC or DC-coupled off-grid power systems.

Our Technology Partners

We thoroughly evaluate and select only the best technologies in the industry.