Christain mission fellowship, Savuloaloa, Savusavu

Project Details

As an organization, it is comforting to witness the trust that the people of our nation have in our brand. One such person is Alipate Cama who approached our Vision Energy Solution (VES) team during their installation work at Savuloaloa in Savusavu. Alipate, who attends the Christian Mission Fellowship International Savusavu, Branch realized that his church family needed an electricity supply that is strong enough to cater to their organizational needs such as their sound systems, lights, etc. He communicated to the VES team that he wanted to give the system to the CMFI church as a gift and things moved quickly for this gentleman.
PV capacity
Battery storage capacity
1.92kWh @ 12V
Inverter capacity
1200W 12V

Solar System

After the team’s presentation, Alipate selected the VES Hire purchase payment model with a flat interest rate of 7.5% and after 3 months of commissioning, Mr. Cama had completely paid off the system. Alipate saw the struggles that the Christian Mission Fellowship Savuloaloa branch has been enduring for a long time, and trusted Vision Energy Solution’s solar system to eradicate the problem that has been a hindrance to their worship,
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