Residential Solar Systems – Pacific Harbour

Residential Solar System of Mr. Stephen Noble, Managing Director – Noble Realty. Pacific Harbour, FIJI.

Project Details

The solar PV system is forecasted to offset approximately 57% of the home’s current monthly energy usage. Investing in a solar system will not only reduce their dependence on the utility grid and reduce their monthly energy bills but also increase the value of their home when it’s time to sell.
System Type
Residential Rooftop Solar PV Grid Connected
6 kWp
Production Estimate
7,000 kWh/yea
1 x SolarEdge HD Wave 5KW Inverter
Solar Panels
14 x Trina Solar 410W, Half Cell solar panels

Foreigners in Fiji Going Green with Residential Solar Systems

This project was deemed ideal for a new high-tech SolarEdge HD-Wave inverter. The HD-Wave technology brings in a new era for traditional solar PV inverter technologies. This world-class technology won the prestigious 2016 Intersolar Award and the renowned 2018 Edison Award. Designed to work with smart SolarEdge power optimizers to complete the most efficient DC to AC conversion system possible. The record-breaking 99% efficiency of this system results in more energy production per system, which improves customer ROI.
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