Safety First: Investing in Technical Training

Solar Power

Vision Energy Solutions (VES), the renewable energy division of Vision Investments Limited, has a strong partnership with one of the most innovative solar technology companies worldwide. The Israel-based company, SolarEdge, has an exclusive solar photovoltaic (PV) inverter technology that generates power with maximum efficiency. Their systems also employ a unique safety feature that makes it a superior option for both residential and commercial applications. For these reasons, VES is proud to be the first solar developer in the country to introduce this advanced technology to Fiji.

The safety of its employees and clients is the top priority at VES. Therefore, the company recently invited a SolarEdge technical representative to Fiji to provide comprehensive training for its technical staff on the advanced features of this exceptional system. SolarEdge Commercial Program Manager, Marios Stavrakas spent three days in February 2020 with VES employees, customers, and prospective customers. The main focus of the trip was to provide comprehensive and detailed training on the intricacies of their proprietary power optimizers and SafeDC auto shut off functions.

Both SolarEdge and VES take technical and safety education seriously. Increasing the technical knowledge of solar technicians and introducing the most advanced energy generation options to the business community is an inarguably a good thing. Kinivuwai Koroi Mamusuroka, VES Installation Manager explains, “Enhancing the local level of understanding of the latest renewable energy technologies will benefit the entire country, as Fiji moves towards its low carbon economic goals.”

VES solar technicians present the SolarEdge inverter installed at Jack’s Garment Factory, Namaka, Nadi.

SolarEdge’s Fiji Itinerary

Mr. Stavrakas had a packed agenda during his 3-day visit to Fiji, as VES took full advantage of his expertise. “We are honored SolarEdge sent a manufacturer’s representative to share advanced solar best practices and demonstrate the smart features of their inverters and power optimizers with our employees,” mentions Srinath Dolage, VES Business Development Manager. Mr. Dolage continues, “It became obvious quickly, our VES solar technicians are already very knowledgeable and experienced. Fiji is very fortunate to have their level of expertise locally.”

A highlight of the visit was a site inspection at a large petrol station considering on-site solar energy generation. Ernest Hickes, Assistant Engineer at VES comments, “SolarEdge has a unique safety feature, unlike any solar technologies we’ve used previously in Fiji, that makes these systems the safest technology for a petrol station. It was exciting to hear site-specific recommendations from the manufacturer. It was a great learning opportunity!”


SolarEdge Commercial Program Manager, Marios Stavrakas watches SolarEdge DC Optimizers installation at Jack’s Garment Factory, Namaka, Nadi

Fiji’s Renewable Energy Outlook

As the first country to ratify the Paris Climate Agreement, the Fijian government is taking climate change mitigation seriously. In fact, an optimistic renewable energy generation goal of 99% by 2030 has been set. VES is honored to be blazing the trail by bringing advanced technologies where it is needed most, Small Island Developing States.

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