Fiji Is Well Focused on The Green Transition in Emerging Markets

Solar Power

For some, it may look like a dream but for others who are backed by the strength & ability, and commitment towards a worthy effort of this nature could make a wonderful difference for everyone living on this planet. In fact, Fiji as a nation calls on the entire global community to embrace the Pacific’s vision of a better, greener, bluer, and safer future for humanity. It could even be a challenge for the developed countries in the world when Fiji, through their legislative Climate Change Act passed in 2021, legally binds all citizens in this Island nation to make a vital change in their life by adopting a carbon-neutral, climate-resilient, and nature-friendly society by the year 2050.

We at Vision Energy Solutions (VES) are fully committed to Fiji’s aggressive goal to produce 99% of its power through renewable energy sources by 2030 and as a trusted resource in this process, deliver comprehensive energy solutions to diverse consumers.

We use the best science available today – The SolarEdge smart inverter technology surpasses conventional PV systems in many ways.

Experts consider that one great method of working out a plan to deal with this highly sensitive global environmental issue would be to use the best science available today, efficiently variegated together with the practical knowledge available on the ground to provide renewable solutions which can be scaled. VES as an organization continues with its corporate culture to always help its customers make that advanced step with their installed solar power system and you might want to remember that by using our services, you are also engaging local and regional workers in the process which is a definite plus for the local economy.

This is not just about a huge challenge on the climate or carbon emission that we need to focus on but about the consequences, we as a community would face on our economy, economic wellbeing, health, and our jobs. Fiji will take an ambitious step toward reducing its Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) to greenhouse gas emissions and the subsequent impact on climate change, for which progressive measures are taken to further reduce dependence on the polluting diesel generators and the fossil fuel dominated electrical grids within a timeframe. Vision Energy continues to provide state-of-the-art technological solutions to consumers and general masses enabling them to make that vital shift towards solar energy.

Our team of industry experts has already established strong partnerships with the most advanced global technology manufacturers and other supportive agencies in an effort to modernize Fiji’s solar energy infrastructure. Global trends on Clean Energy Financing and supportive systems for sustainable finance which are favorable for investment in Renewable Energy Projects are positive factors. You are most welcome to experience these facilities and change towards the betterment of our planet by joining hands with VES.

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