Scroll Wind Turbines: Affordable, Small-Scale Energy Solution for Islands

Solar Power

Small Island Developing States (SIDS) globally are integrating renewable energy sources such as wind and solar into their power generation strategic plans. Islands are more susceptible to the horrendous impacts of climate change than larger mainland nations and thus are highly motivated to move to carbon-emission-free energy sources as soon as possible. Investing in wind and solar will ultimately reduce dependence on costly, and sometimes volatile, fossil-fuel supplies.

Scroll Wind Turbines: Ideal for Island Power Generation

Wind Technology Evolution

Harnessing the wind to generate power has been around for thousands of years. The Persians and the Chines used traditional windmills to power grain mills and water pumps.

Thankfully, wind power has not gone extinct and continues to modernize and expand. In fact, it becomes a major contender (with solar, biomass and hydro) in the race to power the world more sustainably.

Large scale utility connected wind farms have become as popular as solar farms worldwide. Massive turbines dot the landscape in wide-open spaces in many countries. Unfortunately, this is not an option for most SIDS. Islands, by their very nature, do not have immense undeveloped and non-forested areas available for industrial power generation. In fact, many small islands do not even have a utility power infrastructure to connect large scale renewable energy projects to. Therefore, its residents must independently generate their own electricity for lighting and all other basic needs. Most commonly this is done through the use of kerosene lamps or diesel fuel generators, which are big polluters.

Scroll Wind Turbines: Ideal for Island Power Generation

Finally, an affordable, safe, reliable and small-scale energy solution is available to transform small-island power generation. Off-grid, independent power-producing scroll wind turbines combine several benefits that make it the ideal technology to power small and remote islands sustainably.

Key Benefits of Scroll Wind Turbines:

  • Low noise pollution: Nearly silent, unlike noisy traditional wind turbine rotators
  • Variable wind access: Scrolls capture wind from any direction, unlike blades that need to face the wind source to function
  • Independent energy production: No need to connect to utility power infrastructure
  • Durable: Modern design tolerates turbulent wind speeds up to 65 m/s and intense temperature swings
  • Corrosion-proof: Material composition weathers well near seawater and other highly alkaline or acidic environments
  • Lightweight: Constructed of flexible Continuous Basalt Fiber (CBF) material
  • Small scale: Systems generate 1-2kWp, ideal for residential and small commercial power needs
  • Island-friendly: Best locations include coastal areas, ridgelines, and hilltops
  • Modern vertical design: Slim rotator diameter of only 1.5m
  • Safe: Sleek scroll design is safer for birds and also people that need to work on the system
  • Ease of Maintenance: Generator and gearbox located at the base of the tower

Meeting Fiji’s Renewable Energy Goals with Scroll Wind Turbines

Fiji’s aggressive goal to produce 99% of its energy through renewable sources by 2030 is inspiring the world. Fiji will take an ambitious step toward reducing its Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) to greenhouse gas emissions and the subsequent impact on climate change. Bringing renewable energy technologies to rural villages on remote islands will improve the quality of life and reduce costly government infrastructure investments in dirty fossil fuel plants.

Scroll wind turbines are an excellent tactic to independently produce green energy on-site. As more residential and commercial property owners invest in this technology, Fiji will progress quickly toward its renewable energy goals

Vision Energy Solutions (VES) is the power generation division of Vision Investments Limited of Fiji. Our company delivers comprehensive energy solutions to residential, commercial, and power plant customers. Focused on renewable energy, our systems are designed to generate electricity sustainably for years. VES is prepared to be a trusted resource in achieving Fiji’s renewable energy goals. We offer a broad range of solar and wind technologies that can be designed to be utility grid-tied, hybrid, microgrid or independent (off-grid with battery storage.)

By reducing dependence on polluting diesel generators and fossil fuel dominated electrical grids, Fiji will be setting a course to a more sustainable future.

Vision Energy Solutions: Fiji’s Scroll Wind Turbine Partner

Bringing reliable and clean electricity where it is needed most, throughout the Pacific region’s Small Island Developing States (SIDS), is our primary objective. Our driving motivation is to be a visionary partner with government leaders, international investors, and suppliers, and power consumers to mitigate the devastating impacts of climate change.

VES is the authorized distributor for NextGen scroll wind turbines in Fiji. NextGen is an alternative power supplier based in Australia. The company focuses on the design and manufacturing of sustainable energy solutions. Their scroll wind turbine is a superior product and we are honored to be bringing this technology to our country that can benefit so highly from its installation.

Recently, VES installed two scroll wind turbines with capacities of 1kWp each at residences on the island of Nananu-i-Ra island. The island is privately owned with numerous residential subdivisions, primarily powered by the wind. We look forward to neighbors and business owners on this, and other islands, requesting more information about this unique, safe and affordable technology.

With integrated turnkey services we ensure all projects are well managed. Energy experts are available in project development, finance structuring, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), operation and maintenance (O&M), and Corporate Energy Management Planning (CEMP.)
To determine if scroll wind turbines make sense for your home or business, please contact us for a free feasibility assessment.

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