Let the Power of Sun make your ‘Company Name’ shine among market competitors

Solar Power

You never thought the amount of impact your business would create among consumers and general masses by making that important shift towards solar energy, but world-renowned corporate brands have already used this strategy for valid reasons.

Leading businesses in the world have identified that going solar contributes so much towards your brand equity and it clearly shows a different value and importance to a customer compared to the brand value which is reflected on financial statements. It shows that your company thinks and cares about environmental and socio-economic impacts. People are concerned about sustainable business practices nowadays and if correct decisions are made to use renewable energy sources, they will be attracted to your business resulting in increased sales, revenue, and consumer confidence. It also helps your organization to stand out among competitors when prospective employees opt for environmentally responsible corporate brands and higher employee retention rates as well.

Converting your business into a solar-powered environment together with Vision Energy Solutions (VES) creates much space for corporate recognition. We dedicate ourselves in working pear to pear with your marketing team to build the brand image to the right target markets. VES will help its customers go that extra mile with their installed solar power system and you might want to remember that by using our services, you are also engaging local and regional workers in the process which is a plus for the local economy.

Since you are about to take that all-important decision in going solar, let us explain why it should be a part of your brand strategy in the near future. You may represent a new business that needs a progressive image in the market and one which needs enhanced brand equity or an established organization in the production or service delivery category that plans to upgrade the company building with solar energy. Any of these reasons could be an ideal opportunity to make public announcements and celebrate the worthy cause together with your community. Your decision to use renewable energy gives much positive news to local media and you could grab the maximum out of the community awareness created. It is a duty of a business to lead the general public and educate the local community about renewable energy options and their advantages in the present context.

Use our expert knowledge in making that change towards solar energy to attract customers, display leadership in the local community, and as a result enhance your brand equity which naturally goes beyond the financial advantages. One day, your ‘Corporate Brand’ will be recognized since it uses enough clean electricity that offset a considerable amount of harmful carbon emissions to the earth’s atmosphere.

VES is fully committed towards Fiji’s aggressive goal to produce 99% of its energy through renewable sources by 2030 and as a trusted resource in this process, delivers comprehensive energy solutions to diverse consumers. By further reducing dependence on polluting diesel generators and the fossil fuel-dominated electrical grids, Fiji will take an ambitious step toward reducing its Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) to greenhouse gas emissions and the subsequent impact on climate change.

VES, as the renewable energy division of Vision Investments Limited of Fiji, delivers comprehensive energy solutions to residential, commercial, and power plant customers. Our systems are designed to generate electricity sustainably for years and “we believe everyone deserves access to affordable, reliable, abundant, convenient, quality and safe energy”. We thrive to be a visionary partner with government leaders, investors, suppliers, and consumers to mitigate the devastating impacts of climate change.

Call us to explore how going solar can help increase brand value and how it is boosting the profitability of your business.

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