Take Your Child to Work Day

Solar Power

Many American businesses and organizations are filled with children on the fourth Thursdays of April each year! Started in the USA in 1993 by Gloria Steinem, Take your Sons and Daughters to Work Day is a much anticipated day for students eager to understand what their parents do all day. The annual tradition was created to teach kids about various career options.

Unfortunately, the 2020 COVID pandemic reduced the excitement of the day for many kids. Instead of being dressed up and paraded proudly from desk to desk to meet their mom or dad’s coworkers, they were seated next to their parents’ laptop screens joining Zoom meetings!

After learning about this American tradition, Vision Energy Solutions of Fiji encouraged our Installation Manager, Kinivuwai Koroi to bring his son, Ulaiasi Vakadewavosa, to a solar project installation site. Watching this young man’s curiosity about his dad’s career field was inspiring for us to witness. Ulaiasi very much enjoyed the mechanics of racking installation; he’s obviously good with his hands and likes to build things.

Training more Fijians in renewable energy technologies will benefit our country economically and to reduce our carbon emissions. Would you be proud if your child joined this booming industry? We hope by April next year, we will be able to invite more employees to bring their children to work to learn about rewarding careers in renewable energy.

Thank you for your interest in our grid-connected and off-grid energy generation and storage solutions!

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